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  • Moriom


    Excellent product! You can tell these guys properly thought this through. I don’t usually get much time to cook, and so I didn’t have to prep anything
    using this sauce. I also used it to make dinner for the family, and they absolutely loved it! Everyone still believes I made the curry from
    scratch! And the packaging is very unique.

  • Fas


    I bought this on recommendation of one of my friend who used this and
    praised about the product. I found it really amazing. I was using
    different spices from shops but beauty of this one is you can cook any
    thing beef, chicken, mutton, lamb and fish with just one sauce. No need
    to buy separate for each meat type, just one sauce for everything. That
    is really convenient rather then have multiple spices just rely on one.

  • Adil N.


    Wow, this is a proper desi style curry, myself and my family can’t get enough!! saves so much time and effort. My Kashmiri parents were skeptical but it certainly has their seal of approval!! Best authentic curry I’ve tasted from a jar!!


How long does the Karahi sauce last once opened?

Once opened, your Karahi sauce will last up to one month refridgerated. Alternatively, the sauce can also be frozen in to batches.

How do you use the marinade?


Marinade your chosen meat, fish or vegetable chunks and leave to infuse, overnight preferable.

What is a Karahi?

A Karahi is very similar to your typical balti, however it contains fresher, stronger and more poignant herbs & spices. Visit our 'Recipes' tab above to find out how you can turn your karahi into several other dishes to keep all the family happy at dinner time.

How many portions can i get from Karahi sauce?

You can typically expect an average of 14 portions per 2.5kg tub of Karahi sauce.